Building a Leadership Culture


A family-owned business with one location and 200 employees desired to grow to be a major presence in the market. Their constraint was not financial, it was human capital.  The company lacked a culture of leadership but had rather a “command and control” approach. There had been no investment in individual development except for required technical and safety training. Under these circumstances. growth was hindered.


Utilizing a customized approach, CCI designed a leadership development program to identify, recognize and train managers with potential to be leaders in the new culture. We also worked with senior leadership to reframe the culture from one of management of resources to one of leveraging people. We provided training to almost 30 leaders over a three year period, reinforcing their leadership skills and helping them understand and shape the new culture.


Participants gained a clear understanding of the difference between a leader and a manager. The company expanded to its current state of 14 locations and 2,500 employees and plans to add three more locations and 500 employees in the next three years. Five of the six top senior leaders are graduates of the program. CCI now runs an annual training program for all leaders in the company, as well as a new leader assimilation program that works to imbue new leaders with skills and values needed to be successful.