Coaching To Improve Performance

Client Situation

Roger was a successful regional sales leader running at a blistering pace due to a demanding travel schedule and extensive family and community obligations. Because of his desire to please, he felt overextended and out of control. Roger was no longer operating at his best and he feared burn-out was approaching. The organization’s leaders recognized the valuable role Roger played and his strong history of success, so they engaged CCI Consulting to provide executive coaching.

CCI Approach

Roger’s coach helped him zero in on the activities that created the biggest impact and generated the most personal fulfillment, then develop the capacity to say “no” to less impactful or fulfilling activities. The CCI coach conducted a 360 assessment that helped him better understand how others perceived his actions. A plan was created by Roger’s coach that set healthier boundaries and gave him the freedom to invest his energies in the activities with high personal and professional payoffs.

Client Outcome

To create better work-life balance and greater impact, Roger refocused his priorities. Roger eliminated a number of unfulfilling obligations, and laid the groundwork for greater success and personal fulfillment by learning when to do, when to delegate and when to say no. Since his coaching, Roger has been promoted to an area of greater responsibility and credits the coaching process with giving him the tools and perspective to find better work-life balance while achieving greater success.