Frontline Leadership Development


Senior leaders of a mid-size, multi-site regional food manufacturer recognized that they needed to develop the leadership skills of frontline supervisors and managers in operations and sales. This group needed targeted and focused development to ensure that they had the skills necessary to be more effective. Training was an important component of the company’s growth strategy, as frontline supervisors and managers needed to move quickly and effectively from doing tasks themselves to teaching and managing others to get the tasks done.


An online needs assessment was created and administered by CCI. CCI then analyzed the results and developed a recommended approach. CCI administered DiSC, a self- assessment of behavioral style, to 100 leaders, then facilitated small group sessions to share DiSC results and help people understand leadership styles. A customized program was designed by CCI to facilitate 14 sessions, delivered in 4 states, to help frontline leaders communicate and work more effectively with others, and to improve their performance management skills.


A clearer understanding was gained by Frontline leaders concerning their leadership styles and how their style impacts others, enabling them to better communicate with their direct reports. Frontline leaders recognized the need to manage performance to achieve planned growth and they committed to create action plans, evaluate direct report performance and follow up with feedback to reports. Frontline leaders are now skilled in giving both positive and constructive feedback and are prepared for difficult conversations related to performance.