HR Assessment & Recruiting Support


CCI was contacted by the COO of a local candy and chocolate novelty manufacturer that was experiencing significant seasonal talent acquisition challenges. The company was entering a very critical time as it prepared for Valentine’s Day and the Easter season. Not meeting its recruiting objectives could have a significant impact on company revenues.


CCI recommended a comprehensive Human Resource Assessment to identify the root cause of the recruiting and retention challenge. The Assessment is designed to evaluate the talent within the HR functions as well as the structures under which they operate. It identifies any gaps between the function and the needs of the organization it supports.


CCI provided company leadership with a detailed report that highlighted specific opportunities for improving HR’s competency level, structure, and processes to ensure the function operates as an efficient, strategic partner to the organization. The company requested CCI to develop a proposed new HR structure and positions, which are now under consideration. The company has also engaged with CCI to conduct a search for a new position which will focus exclusively on talent acquisition.