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4 Experiments to Encourage Employees’ Career Progress

Career development that relies on promotions frequently creates challenges for managers. When promotions aren’t possible for employees ready to advance, managers are left feeling powerless without alternative options. This creates a lose-lose scenario: Employees’ careers start to stall, and managers are more likely to see team members leave the organization.

The human side of generative AI: Creating a path to productivity

The number of employees who use generative AI is expected to soar, freeing many to focus on higher-level cognitive work. Can organizations use this moment to make jobs more people centric?

Review EEOC’s Proposed Guidance Before Investigating Harassment

Last fall, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) proposed updated enforcement guidance on harassment in the workplace. While the EEOC may make some clarifications in response to public comments, it’s not likely to make material changes, so now is a good time to digest and operationalize the proposed guidance.

The Art and Science of Promoting Emotional Intelligence

If the hope is to ensure individual and organizational success in today’s dynamic work environment, emotional intelligence (EI) stands out as a critical employee management skill. And that term extends beyond just merely having strong social abilities; at the right levels, it directs the employee experience towards improved conflict resolution, decision-making, adaptability and team-building through an understanding of how to manage emotions effectively…

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