Spouse/Partner Employment Support

Ensure a Successful Employee Relocation By Supporting The Career Needs of Their Spouse or Partner​

With such a growing number of dual-career families, finding employees or job candidates who are willing to accept relocation assignments can present a challenge. To expand and preserve a company’s talent pool, consideration of spouse/partner employment support services is key.

Spouse / Partner Employment Support Services

As top candidates consider acceptance of your job offer in a new location, the impact on their spouse or partner’s career can make or break the deal. In fact, 80% of significant others report that their own career or job plays a crucial role in their spouse or partner’s decision to accept or reject the job offer. Spouse or partner dissatisfaction due to relocation can negatively impact the candidate’s future with your company. It can even result in an unsuccessful hire.

One way to ensure a successful employee relocation is to offer employment support services for the trailing spouse or partner. CCI Consulting has proven success in providing customized job search assistance for trailing spouses to meet the relocating spouse or partner’s unique needs.

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Accelerated Job Search Support for Spouse/Partner

CCI Consulting’s Spouse/Partner Employment Support helps spouses/partners successfully acclimate to a new location, launch his or her job search, and quickly secure employment. Including accelerated job search support for a spouse enhances the job offer and confirms the commitment of the hiring organization to the candidate and his or her family.

Spouse / Partner Support During the Onboarding Process

At CCI Consulting, our consultants work alongside the new employee’s significant other to create and execute a personalized job search strategy to meet their career goals. This can relieve stress from the new employee as they know their spouse or partner has support from an experienced career transition firm.

Why Choose CCI Consulting for Spouse / Partner Employment Support Services?

We understand that it can be stressful for a spouse or partner to move and navigate the job market in a new location. CCI has proven success in providing customized employment support services to meet the unique needs of a relocating spouse or partner. More than 95% of surveyed clients report that CCI meets or exceeds expectations for career transition support.

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