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Internal Career Management

Internal career management programs build internal talent pipelines and improve employee engagement and retention​

Helping employees understand and navigate career options and opportunities within your organization increases retention and organizational effectiveness as well as enhances your attractiveness as an employer.

If you are not attending to the internal career development path needs of your employees, consider that:

  • 87% of millennials and 69% of others rate “professional or career growth and development opportunities” as important in a job. (Gallop, 2016)
  • Retention is 3x higher when employees see opportunity for career growth. (CCI Consulting, 2018)
  • Nine in 10 employees are open to new career opportunities and 67% might be actively seeking them right now. (LinkedIn, 2017)

CCI Consulting provides a variety of scalable and customizable approaches that help organizations encourage and support internal career development programs. As a leading full-service human capital management firm, we bring our extensive knowledge and practical expertise to develop and grow your workforce inside your organization rather than leaving their development up to chance or waiting until they leave to take advantage of opportunities for growth and development at another organization.

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How CCI helps employers provide career development paths

We work with organizations to implement customized, internal career development programs that provide the structure, time, and resources for employees to engage in a reflective career exploration. Our career path planning offers employees the chance to make the right decisions to successfully achieve their goals.

When supporting our clients’ needs, our internal career development program includes:

  • Group or Individual Programs that provide a forum for career exploration to help your workforce grow with the organization. Our career path planning programs can be designed to address the needs of those who are early, mid, or late-career. Content and approach are customized to align with organizational culture, goals, and internal resources
  • Individual Career Coaching as it is ideal for the high potential employee and an outstanding retention tool. Clients find one-on-one coaching to be a valuable approach for helping employees identify their potential and effective exploration where they can best grow and maximize their contribution within the organization.

The Business Impact of Internal Career Development

Addressing and supporting your employees’ desire for ongoing growth and development creates an environment where employees demonstrate greater commitment to team and organizational goals and drive their own performance. They are also more likely to innovate, share what they know and coach others, exhibit stronger customer service, and maintain a positive outlook.

Ready to Drive Internal Mobility and Career Development for Your Organization?

At CCI Consulting, we’ve been helping our clients with internal career management services for over 30 years. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you design and implement a customized career management program for your organization.

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