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Federal, state, and local employment laws are complex, often conflicting, and at times, counter-intuitive.

Violations, unintentional as they may be, lead to fines, lawsuits, bad publicity, loss of talent, employee dissatisfaction, and lost business. Mitigating those risks is a fundamental measure of success for the Human Resources function and is critical to the success of the organization as a whole. Protect your business from risk with HR compliance services from CCI Consulting.

Identifying compliance issues and mitigating risk

An important role of Human Resources is to safeguard the company with policies and procedures that ensure legal compliance in HR with federal, state, and local guidelines. Clients often retain CCI Consulting to help them identify and address several potential HR compliance issues before they result in problems.

Two of the most common HR compliance audit requests we receive are for Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) audits to ensure compliance with the U.S. Department of Labor’s wage and hour requirements and I-9 audits to ensure compliance with federal requirements to verify the identity and legal authorization to work of all paid employees in the United States. Employers should conduct an FLSA audit at the beginning or end of each year. 

When conducting an HR compliance audit, CCI Consulting reviews documentation and assesses current processes to identify potential gaps of areas of exposure. We then provide guidance to help the client prioritize and implement corrective action. With our support, clients demonstrate their commitment to legal compliance in HR and proactively reduce the potential risk and exposure from compliance-related issues.

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Third-Party Workplace Investigations

At times, employers are faced with an internal employee complaint, an accusation, a serious rumor requiring attention, or alleged employee misconduct. These situations require a third-party workplace investigation to gather facts, interview parties, review documents, sort out the details and summarize the findings to assist the employer. Organizations often utilize an independent third party to investigate because it shows they are concerned with providing fair and objective treatment for all employees.


CCI Consulting has the skills and experience to conduct sensitive internal investigations. We have been engaged by law firms on behalf of their clients, as well as by clients directly, to investigate issues of sexual harassment, retaliation, bullying, discrimination, and ethical violations.


Although we facilitate the investigation through a structured and consistent process, we recognize each examination is unique. After completing the investigation, CCI Consulting will deliver a comprehensive report that summarizes the incident, establishes a conclusion based on the facts gathered during the investigation, and provides specific recommendations for resolution (where applicable) to help protect the organization from future incidents of potential misconduct.

Compliance can be challenging, but non-compliance can be devastating.

At CCI Consulting, we provide HR compliance services to businesses of all sizes. Protect yourself, your employees, and your business with our help. Contact us to discuss how CCI Consulting can help your organization mitigate risk by ensuring HR compliance with the myriad of federal, state, and local human-resource-related requirements.

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Case Studies


A leading crane manufacturer experienced significant growth over the years and realized the need to conduct formal anti-harassment trainings at all of their sites across two states. Without ever having a formal HR department, the client was faced with various management approaches to any reports of harassment. Employees and managers were not receiving proper anti-harassment training on an annual basis and were lacking the proper knowledge to handle and report incidents.


HR Consultants partnered with the client to deliver on-site anti-harassment trainings at all client sites. The training sessions were interactive and provided the opportunity for dialogue and Q&A. Employees who were unable to attend an on-site training session received a digital presentation. Attendees were required to sign an acknowledgement of having received and fully understand the polices and information presented. All acknowledgement forms were placed into employee files.


Potential harassment claims, which can go into the millions of dollars, were reduced. The organization transitioned into a more respectful workplace and implemented a formal complaint process. Employees were comfortable and able to come forward with more harassment issues with confidence in management to handle the situation effectively. Employees and managers became aware of proper record keeping and the process to follow when handling such incidents.


The company had 300 employees in 20 states, many of whom worked remotely. All employees were classified as exempt, even though there were various duties and job levels within the company. Based on the 2016 regulations there was a risk that as many as 175 employees would be impacted by this.


An assessment of the current FLSA classifications of a privately-held company was conducted. CCI obtained job descriptions, organizational charts, annual salaries, and additional relevant data. Managers and department heads were interviewed to ascertain primary duties and responsibilities. Job descriptions alone are not sufficient to determine if the duties test is met.


The potential for fines of over $1 million in back wages and damages was reduced. About 100 employees were classified incorrectly and had to change to non-exempt. Nearly 50 correctly classified exempt employees required a salary adjustment to meet the new salary threshold. The company acknowledged the need for change management and management training. CCI developed new policies, procedures, management training and communication for the impacted employees.


An industry-leading crane manufacturer experienced significant growth over three generations and sought a professional HR partner to ensure legal compliance of their employment practices. The organization wanted to determine what measures to take to better manage HR procedures, and ensure current practices were legal and fairly and consistently implemented across the company. To assess their current state of HR, an on-site HR audit was required by the manufacturer in multiple sites and states.


CCI employs a three-phased approach to the HR audit process – document review and staff interviews, identifying gaps, and prioritizing corrective action. Prior to coming on site, CCI reviewed a collection of HR documents. HR consultants spent one day at every location reviewing documentation and current processes. Through interviews conducted with key staff members, document reviews, and on-site visits, HR consultants were able to define the client’s current state, identify HR and legal requirements for compliance, and deliver future state recommendations in order of priority.


While the organization had been making strides to ensure legal compliance, there was opportunity for improvement in many areas including the pre-employment and application process, personnel files, hiring and onboarding practices, and job descriptions. At the conclusion of the audit, a full audit report was delivered and reviewed with Senior Management. CCI was hired for on-site HR support two-days a week to improve the HR practices highlighted in the audit and to partner with Senior Management and staff on day-to-day HR needs.

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