Helping Your Exiting Employees Successfully Transition to the Next Steps in Their Careers

Job loss is one of the top 10 most stressful life events. The immediate impact on the employee and family can be very real and the long-term impact of extended job loss can be even more significant.

Given the serious impact of job loss and the rapidly changing environment of job search, progressive organizations of all sizes provide displaced employees with outplacement services or career transition services.

Outplacement counseling empowers your organization’s transitioning employees to take the next steps in their careers. At the same time, these career transition services mitigate risk and protect your company’s brand.

Providing experience and expertise in Career Transition

Each individual’s career transition is a unique journey. Clients trust CCI Consulting to provide a portfolio of outplacement service offerings designed to provide appropriate career coaching and transition support for employees at all levels and tenure, from executives to managers to individual contributors. We provide a wide array of outplacement services and personalized consulting to position individuals for future success as they transition to new jobs, entrepreneurial opportunities, or active retirement.

Our programs are designed to provide tailored outplacement coaching and support to individuals as they initiate, maintain, and successfully conclude an intensive job-search effort. Participants in our outplacement programs include:

  • C-level executives
  • Senior executives
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Individual contributors
  • Exempt and non-exempt employees
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We lead the participant through a structured yet flexible process that achieves results:

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All CCI Outplacement programs include 24/7 access to our industry-leading technology platform, PowerMyCareer ™.

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Case Studies


A leading financial services firm acquired one of the oldest and largest banks in Philadelphia, PA. The merger required a large reduction in force. The senior leadership team engaged CCI to develop and deliver a comprehensive and pleasant outplacement program that would provide all departing employees with a respectful transition.


CCI guided senior leadership through the development of a respectful and efficient communication and job transition program.  All affected employees were notified of their job elimination, and retention bonuses were offered to help ensure the continuity of operations.  We offered career transition services and a variety of programs to all impacted employees. With a six-month period between deal closure and operational conversion, the client was interested in retaining and incenting staff – even those who would ultimately be affected by job loss – to ensure a smooth operational transition.  CCI supported this effort through the creative deployment of a series of career transition group workshops (two hours/session) held during work hours at the acquired company’s main office location.  These programs helped employees get a jump start on the transition and job search process and, upon termination, they were eligible for their individual three-month program.


CCI facilitated a series of group workshops over the course of three months, which were well attended and served to motivate the departing employees to engage in the job search process.  Following completion of the operation conversion, approximately 70% of employees elected to participate in their individual career transition program, which is a strong indication of the perceived value of the career transition services. CCI received positive feedback from senior leadership regarding the overall quality of the group workshops and the minimal disruption that the staff reduction event caused to day-to-day operations. Additional benefits reported by the client include:

  • Retention was strong and they were pleased that they did not lose any employees earlier than their planned termination dates
  • There were no legal claims or adverse action on the part of any employees who were affected by the staff reduction
  • Employees viewed the service offerings from CCI as a statement of “goodwill” on the part of the company, which was well-received

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