[White Paper] The Post-Pandemic Culture Dance: Steps to Shape a Thriving Workplace Culture

The COVID-19 pandemic has evoked many changes on both a societal and personal level, including where and how we work. While vaccines are being distributed and offices are beginning to open back up, there is no going back to what was. The pandemic has forever changed the world of work, from greater flexibility in workforce models to increased digitization.

By now, organizations have moved on from a state of panic to stepping up to the challenge and making the new normal work. One of the challenges that remains though is the reunification of company culture, a.k.a. work culture. Many organizations have found their company culture has shifted over the last 12 months and needs to be realigned with the forward trajectory of the organization as it comes out of crisis mode and back into growth.

But a new culture cannot be created on a white board or in a lab.  It is not something a CEO can call on HR to fix or impose as they seek to “return to normal.”  The tools needed to harness organizational culture are available, but people need to engage and be engaged differently.  What used to be asked and measured must change.

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The Post Pandemic Culture Dance

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