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CCI Consulting Awarded for Leadership Excellence in Outplacement

CCI Consulting Is Proud to Announce Its Most Recent Award for Leadership Excellence in Outplacement

CCI Consulting Receives Leadership Excellence in Outplacement Award CCI Consulting, a Career Partners International firm, recently received the Leadership Excellence in Outplacement award at the 2019 Career Partners International Global Meeting in Barcelona. This award is given to firms who achieve the highest Net Promoter & Satisfaction scores in Career Partners International.

In their 2018 candidate survey results, CCI Consulting achieved an impressive 9.5 rating for overall satisfaction and an 87 for their Net Promoter Score. These scores were the highest amongst all 75 Career Partners International firms.

“The consultants at CCI Consulting won this award!,” said Sharon Imperiale, CEO and Owner of CCI Consulting. “The care they provide every day is critical to those who lost their job and are seeking re-employment. It is not just a cliché that the loss of a job is one of the most stressful times in our lives; our hands-on approach guides the job seeker to success. I read every survey we receive and take each seriously, jumping on issues I think we can tweak. It’s a continuously evolving process; one that we will strive to make even better. On a recent survey, one program participant said we were the ‘Red Cross of careers.’ We are there when needed!”

“As an HR leader, I’m cautious about those that I partner up with for internal HR support, as well as support for my employees,” said Debbi Bromley, Ed.D Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Genex Services. “I never hesitate to use Sharon’s team for outplacement, career coaching or HR practice support because the quality of their work is consistently above par. The team at CCI has a depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise that is consistently impressive.”

CCI Consulting is excited to continue to provide its clients with the best, hands-on career services and is looking forward to helping new job seekers achieve success.

About Career Partners International:

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