Organizational Change & Resilience

Change readiness and resilience are critical capabilities​

Change in the workplace is hard but a critical part of business. If people are resistant to, or weary of change, employee morale, customer service, and business outcomes may suffer.

Leading in Times of Change

Ultimately, the success of any culture change initiative is predicated on strong leadership that is centered on the individuals most affected by “the new normal.” Leadership means aligning the “what, why, and how” by linking the logical with the emotional. In addition to understanding how to navigate change, people leaders must also have the knowledge and skills to help their direct reports build workplace resilience in the face of everyday changes.

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Navigating Change

Given that culture change is “the new normal” in most organizations, employees need the know-how to manage their own change journey and develop the skills needed to lead themselves through any change, whether the change is common or planned.

Building Individual and Organizational Resilience

Our organizational change management services will transform your organization from a culture of resistance to one of workplace resilience by providing employees with the ability to process change that is directly impacting them, while also allowing them to seek out what they need to make the transition from current state to future state.

Our Experience and Expertise

For over 30 years, organizations of all sizes across a multitude of industries have relied on CCI Consulting’s organizational change management expertise to manage and navigate through significant periods of organizational change. Whether a change in the workplace was due to a merger or acquisition, leadership transition, or restructuring, clients count on CCI Consulting to support the organization, leaders, and employees at all levels through the journey.

The range of ways we help:

  • Communication and messaging support
  • Developing individual and organizational resilience
  • Helping leadership teams pace and sustain change effort
  • Defining the competencies required to achieve and maintain success
  • Aligning HR strategy with the evolving business strategy
  • Working with leaders to strengthen, engage and transform their team after organizational change

CCI Consulting can help you survive and thrive in times of change

At CCI Consulting, we have been providing organizations with organizational change management services — so that they can effectively cope with changes in the workplace — for over 30 years. We help identify the key issues to better understand the true nature of resistance. Contact us to learn how CCI Consulting can help your organization improve its ability to engage and focus during times of change and growth.

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Case Studies


A major company was going through a period of difficult reorganization spearheaded by a cross-functional team. Team members were unable to break out of their silos and think at the enterprise level. Complex problems could not be solved and team members were often stalled in the decision making process. Actions from team members were uncoordinated and often at cross purposes with the greater good of the company.


CCI designed a customized course with a series of interactive sessions to improve essential leadership skills and connect them to real business situations and company operations. Teaching resilience became an integral part of each course session. Each team member was provided with weekly one-on-one coaching from a course facilitator, to help them understand how to apply the course content to the specific issues they were facing.


For the first time, team members acted in a unified and directed manner. Every member of the team was engaged in a meaningful way and had learned to think outside his or her own comfort zone. Participants gained useful leadership and resiliency tools and were able to successfully apply both to their work on the team. The COO described the course as a key reason for the team’s nearly flawless migration of records in its second year, as compared to the chaos in its first year.


New CEO and VP of HR needed to change the leadership culture to better align with market demands and to develop leaders. Goals: Drive a culture change from corporate command-and-control to more localized decision making. Target audience was managers, frontline supervisors, and high potential management prospects. Needed a real-world business training approach that would provide actionable learning.


CCI designed a customized course of interactive sessions to improve essential management skills and to connect the skills to real business situations and company operations. The course was delivered multiple times, in six single-day sessions, one per month over a six month period. Participants of the course were provided with new tools and techniques they could use immediately, driving changes to company culture while improving employee engagement.


More than 60 managers completed the course over a two-year period. A clear understanding was gained of the difference between a leader and a manager. The CEO described the course as “a key tool in facilitating a culture change from command-and-control to more localized decision making.” Participants were able to successfully pass on to their direct reports the tools, techniques and lessons they had learned.


One of the largest compounding pharmacies in the United States needed to make strengthening leadership, managerial and supervisory capacity at the company a priority. The organization had seen steady growth over the prior decade, growing from a start-up to an industry leader in a relatively short period of time. An organized leadership development program was never offered to its staff, resulting in the business beginning to outpace their capabilities. Having worked with CCI two years earlier to develop a competency model, the company engaged CCI to create a developmental program for all its people leaders.


To gain insight and perspective into the needs of the organization, CCI used the previously identified competencies as a back drop while conducting a comprehensive learning needs assessment. To understand and prioritize the needs, CCI conducted face-to-face interviews with each member of the leadership team and several high-performing employees. In addition, an electronic training needs survey was administered to each leadership level within the organization. As a result of the findings and recommendations, CCI’s Talent Development consultants designed a developmental training curriculum for four levels of people leaders: Director, Manager, Supervisor, and Assistant Supervisor. Each level included six workshops with topics based on the prioritized gaps from the training needs assessment. To reinforce the training, the leadership team was briefed on the topics and provided a “manager’s toolkit” so they could provide support to their direct reports. Also, the sessions were scheduled in a cascading fashion that allowed for the more senior audience to experience the training first so they could support their direct reports as they went through the workshops. At the program’s onset, each participant also identified a Burning Imperative. This was their own BHAG they were responsible for completing within the next year. After each session, the participants were responsible for applying what they learned to their imperative.


The primary mechanism for measuring program success was through session evaluations. Each cohort-level was asked to complete a session evaluation at the conclusion of each workshop. In addition to the qualitative responses, the three questions of most interest were:

  1. As a result of the program, I will be a stronger performer for the organization.
  2. I would rate my performance in this area before this program.
  3. I would rate my ability to apply what I’ve learned when I return to my team.

The following grid shows how each group responded with Top 2 answers (Agree/Strongly Agree or Above Average/Exceptional) on a five-point Likert scale.

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