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Executive Coaching builds leadership capacity and increases effectiveness​

The role of a leader is increasingly complex in today’s environment of rapid change. Through our executive coaching services, leaders master the skills and behaviors needed to successfully navigate dynamic business demands. When key leaders are highly effective, companies are better able to adapt and respond to changing realities.

The Business Impact of Effective Executive Coaching

  • 96% Satisfaction rate among leaders receiving coaching
  • 94% Felt better equipped to be a leader as a result of coaching
  • 97% Were able to build rapport, trust, and a good working relationship with their coach

(Aggregate survey feedback from participants of CCI Consulting’s Executive Coaching, 2000 – 2019)

High-touch, Scalable Executive Coaching

CCI Consulting helps leaders develop and master the skills and behaviors that are required to navigate the complex work environment. Through our executive coaching, individuals move from building awareness to taking action, and focus on what he or she can personally do to facilitate the outcomes they seek.

While each executive coaching engagement is tailored to the client’s unique situation, our methodology is anchored in adult transformational learning and behavior theory, active learning, and guided practice. We partner with stakeholders to identify a leadership coaching plan that is outcomes focused and measurable.

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Our Experienced Coaches Make the Difference

Our team of accomplished executive coaches have served in senior leadership roles and hold credentials that are valued in the coaching profession and supported by the International Coach Federation (ICF). They have worked with hundreds of executives, managers, and high-potential employees from a wide range of industries and possess extensive technical knowledge, hands-on business experience, and an unwavering commitment to client success. Our executive coaching services help leaders master their skills and strategies to increase their impact, increase effectiveness and enhance the value they bring to their organization.

Help your leaders increase their personal effectiveness and ability to achieve business results

At CCI Consulting, our leadership coaching helps support successful individuals to sharpen their leadership capabilities while helping them gain the necessary skills to be successful not only as a leader, but as a team. Contact Us to learn how our executive coaching services can help your leaders hone the skills and behaviors needed to successfully lead and navigate in today’s dynamic business realities.

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Case Studies


Lynn was the CEO of a $250 million dollar global pruning organization and was taking on too much of the management burden for her direct reports. Unable to delegate effectively, inspire a vision, and manage strategically, Lynn became absorbed in transactional details that left her unprepared to focus on strategic leadership. Board pressures and falling employee engagement scores led her to seek a coach to help her refocus her efforts and adopt a different approach.


The CCI coach helped Lynn define how she wanted to show up as a leader. Lynn’s coach worked with her to clarify her needs, establish clearer expectations with direct reports and drive process quality accountability down through the chain of command. Lynn’s coach helped her zero in on three distinct things she could do to elevate her own leadership and drive the process needed to achieve strategic timelines. Her action plan focused on driving real change and sustained improvement.


Key players were tasked with specific project and operations management responsibilities. Lynn’s communication style became clearer and more inspiring, helping her to create better alignment and clarity of expectations with her direct reports. More time was gained for executive leadership training and driving the vision for the business. Employee satisfaction and engagement scores improved by 20%.


Greg was considered a rising star talent and was identified in the succession plan as having the potential to grow into a corporate wide leadership role. The CEO saw Greg as a high-potential leader and wanted to provide coaching for Greg to ready him for future growth and expanded responsibility. CCI Consulting had previously provided executive coaching for the CEO, so he asked CCI to coach Greg in an effort to expedite his development.


The coaching engagement began with a series of exploratory conversations and assessments to help Greg identify his behavioral style, personality profile, and leadership attributes. CCI helped Greg to define his critical development activities and develop an action plan. The action plan led Greg to apply new management and communication approaches to his particular challenges around people, process and accountability, as well as identify and engage with key sponsors and mentors throughout the organization.


Greg learned the importance of leveraging his strengths to assert in more direct and timely ways. Feedback and input from key sponsors and mentors helped Greg learn how best to deal with delicate yet important business needs. Greg became confident in how to plan strategically and communicate and engage his team in ways that motivated them to step up, increasing their collective impact. Shortly after the coaching engagement, Greg was promoted and took over as COO within 2 ½ years.

Client Situation

Roger was a successful regional sales leader running at a blistering pace due to a demanding travel schedule and extensive family and community obligations. Because of his desire to please, he felt overextended and out of control. Roger was no longer operating at his best and he feared burn-out was approaching. The organization’s leaders recognized the valuable role Roger played and his strong history of success, so they engaged CCI Consulting to provide executive coaching.

CCI Approach

Roger’s coach helped him zero in on the activities that created the biggest impact and generated the most personal fulfillment, then develop the capacity to say “no” to less impactful or fulfilling activities. The CCI coach conducted a 360 assessment that helped him better understand how others perceived his actions. A plan was created by Roger’s coach that set healthier boundaries and gave him the freedom to invest his energies in the activities with high personal and professional payoffs.

Client Outcome

To create better work-life balance and greater impact, Roger refocused his priorities. Roger eliminated a number of unfulfilling obligations, and laid the groundwork for greater success and personal fulfillment by learning when to do, when to delegate and when to say no. Since his coaching, Roger has been promoted to an area of greater responsibility and credits the coaching process with giving him the tools and perspective to find better work-life balance while achieving greater success.

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