Executive Onboarding

Accelerate your new leader's contributions and organizational impact.

In today’s business environment, every second impacts your company’s bottom-line. By onboarding a new manager using a structured approach to New Leader Assimilation / Onboarding, you will accelerate a new executive’s ability to make an impact and set the stage for their long-term success.

Executive Onboarding

In today’s fast-paced business world, stepping into a new or expanded role is a huge challenge. Expectations are high for both the new leader and the organization. Effective leadership onboarding accelerates a new executive’s ability to make an impact and increases the probability of long-term success.

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CCI Consulting’s Executive Onboarding process and support is tailored to the skills and experiences of the new leader, the context of the role, and the nuances of the organization. For over 30 years, CCI Consulting has been creating new manager assimilation programs for small, mid-sized, and large companies. Our onboarding coaching is designed to help leaders navigate change as they take on new roles within the organization or from the outside. Our expert leadership onboarding coaches will accelerate the performance of your new executive, which will improve the performance of your organization.

The results of a well-planned and carefully managed onboarding program speak for themselves:

  • Well-integrated executives reach full performance 33% faster when they go through an effective onboarding program (Harvard Business Review)
  • Companies with strong onboarding programs see 2.5 times the profit growth and 1.9 times the profit margin than those that don’t (The Boston Consulting Group)
  • A new leader assimilation process that is strong can increase retention by 82% (Brandon Hall Group)

Ready to Invest in Your New Leader’s Success?

CCI Consulting’s Executive Onboarding process is delivered by assigning an experienced onboarding coach that will work one-on-one with your new leader to ensure a smooth integration into your organization and business environment. When onboarding a new manager, a CCI coach will implement a new manager assimilation program and help your new leader manage change and make adjustments, so they can increase the effectiveness of their teams. Additionally, CCI Consulting can assist with pre-hire assessments, executive recruiting, and much more.


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Case Studies


Sandy was a high performing scientist recently promoted to a project management leadership role in a major pharmaceutical company. Members of her new team complained that Sandy tended to micro manage, had trouble listening, and lacked empathy for the competing demands on the team. Recognizing that Sandy’s background was critical to the success of the project, her manager hired CCI to address his concerns about Sandy’s leadership style as well as her inability to meet deadlines consistently.


The CCI coach quickly increased Sandy’s self-awareness through self-reported information, anecdotal examples, and the use of a 360° assessment. An action plan was created by Sandy’s coach to help her focus on the immediate changes she needed to make to improve her credibility. Through coaching, Sandy become more proactive, set realistic expectations on deliverables, and led more motivational and inclusive meetings.


Sandy became more open and her professional growth improved significantly. Sandy’s manager noted improvement in her ability to meet deadlines and demonstrate better project management skills. Co-workers and peers commented that her active listening skills improved interpersonal interactions. The team’s performance improved because Sandy’s leadership increased the motivation and engagement level of her project team.

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