Behavioral, Career & 360 Degree Assessments

Behavior assessments provide valuable insight that improves performance

Organizational success is maximized when the people in the organization are effective and successful in their individual roles. Our employee behavior assessments provide insight into how individuals, teams and organizations interact. This insight can be used to improve individual or organizational performance by maximizing strengths and bringing awareness to areas in need of focus and development.

At CCI Consulting, we believe that employee behavior assessments and career aptitude tests provide great value and insights. Our access to a wide variety of employee assessment instruments allows us to provide the most optimal solution and insights for every situation and objective.

Behavioral Assessments Help Improve Individual and Interpersonal Effectiveness

Behavioral or personality employee assessments are designed to provide individuals with greater insight and understanding of their behaviors and preferences. These insights help increase productivity and the ability to build effective relationships in the workplace.

CCI Consulting’s assessment experts have access to an extensive range of behavioral and personality assessments. We work with clients to determine the best way to leverage these tools to provide individual and collective insights that help improve individual, team, and organizational effectiveness.

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Career Assessments Help Improve Individual and Organizational Career Decisions

For over 30 years, CCI Consulting has been providing expert guidance that has helped thousands of individuals better navigate their careers. Our career aptitude tests help individuals assess their interests, values and skills to provide clarity and insight to better manage their careers, explore internal career opportunities, ensure alignment between individual strengths and interests and organizational need and opportunity. Career Assessments are ideal for participants in early, mid, or late career who are facing career choices and options, moving up, laterally, or out.

Multi-rater Feedback Assessments Help Individuals and Organizations Meet Their Potential

CCI recognizes that for a leader to be most successful, they require high degrees of emotional intelligence, learning agility, and adaptability. Decades of research shows that leaders who are self-aware and reflect on how they “show up” are more effective at building connections with others and building alignment with teams.

Multi-rater feedback assessments (also known as 360-degree feedback assessments) collect broad feedback about the individual’s key work relationships and other constituents. This comprehensive and anonymous feedback helps individuals optimize their perceived strengths and gain insight into perceived areas for development and improvement. Increased self-awareness provides a powerful advantage as organizations seek to amplify the development experience for their leaders and other key individuals.

CCI Consulting has the capability to administer a wide variety of multi-rater (360-degree) assessments and self-report instruments that assess learning agility, leadership style, and emotional intelligence.

Tap the power of insight and awareness to improve individual and organizational success

Since 1988, CCI Consulting has been helping develop talent, strengthening leaders and improving performance of individuals and teams. Contact us to learn how to utilize employee assessments and multi-rater assessments to create the self-awareness and action that leads to improved performance and effectiveness within your company.

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Case Studies


One of the largest compounding pharmacies in the United States needed to make strengthening leadership, managerial and supervisory capacity at the company a priority. The organization had seen steady growth over the prior decade, growing from a start-up to an industry leader in a relatively short period of time. An organized leadership development program was never offered to its staff, resulting in the business beginning to outpace their capabilities. Having worked with CCI two years earlier to develop a competency model, the company engaged CCI to create a developmental program for all its people leaders.


To gain insight and perspective into the needs of the organization, CCI used the previously identified competencies as a back drop while conducting a comprehensive learning needs assessment. To understand and prioritize the needs, CCI conducted face-to-face interviews with each member of the leadership team and several high-performing employees. In addition, an electronic training needs survey was administered to each leadership level within the organization. As a result of the findings and recommendations, CCI’s Talent Development consultants designed a developmental training curriculum for four levels of people leaders: Director, Manager, Supervisor, and Assistant Supervisor. Each level included six workshops with topics based on the prioritized gaps from the training needs assessment. To reinforce the training, the leadership team was briefed on the topics and provided a “manager’s toolkit” so they could provide support to their direct reports. Also, the sessions were scheduled in a cascading fashion that allowed for the more senior audience to experience the training first so they could support their direct reports as they went through the workshops. At the program’s onset, each participant also identified a Burning Imperative. This was their own BHAG they were responsible for completing within the next year. After each session, the participants were responsible for applying what they learned to their imperative.


The primary mechanism for measuring program success was through session evaluations. Each cohort-level was asked to complete a session evaluation at the conclusion of each workshop. In addition to the qualitative responses, the three questions of most interest were:
  1. As a result of the program, I will be a stronger performer for the organization.
  2. I would rate my performance in this area before this program.
  3. I would rate my ability to apply what I’ve learned when I return to my team.
The following grid shows how each group responded with Top 2 answers (Agree/Strongly Agree or Above Average/Exceptional) on a five-point Likert scale.

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Delta Q2 & Q3
Asst. Supervisors 100% 48% 91% 43 points
Supervisors 96% 28% 86% 58 points
Managers 93% 27% 65% 38 points
Directors 89% 21% 71% 50 points

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