Leadership Development & Coaching

Effective leadership is a critical component of long-term organizational success. However, those leaders can be difficult to find. Rather than depending heavily on external hires, CPI’s seasoned leadership development consultants work with current and potential leaders within your team to steer them to organizational success. Our development and coaching services are designed to enhance leadership capabilities, foster organizational growth, and prepare potential leaders to step into those roles as their talents are developed.

Executive Coaching

Leadership roles are complex and ever-evolving. Our executive coaching services help leaders master the skills and behaviors necessary to navigate these demands successfully. CPI boasts a 96% customer satisfaction rate among the leaders we work with. Our high-touch, scalable approach helps those in leadership positions to build rapport, trust, and working relationships with their colleagues and subordinates.

Our experienced coaches have hands-on experience working in senior leadership roles. They are well-equipped with both experience and credentials that are highly sought-after in the coaching profession. Working together with our clients, they hone their skills and strategies to teach executives, managers, and high-potential employees how to increase their impact and overall value to the organization.

Leadership Development

As leadership development consultants, we know successful organizations should view their leadership team as a competitive advantage. Our focus is on increasing the capacity and capability of leaders at all levels of your organization. We teach them how to harness and cultivate creativity, encourage critical thinking in themselves and others, and provide various opportunities for skill application. A world-class leadership development program like those provided by CPI expands the capabilities of leaders, giving them, and the company as a whole, a leg up on the competition.

Behavioral, Career & 360-Degree Assessments

Organizations maximize their success when individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole interact effectively. Our behavioral, career, and 360-degree assessments provide invaluable insights to facilitate this collaboration. Behavioral assessments give individuals an introspective understanding of their own behaviors and preferences, allowing them to lean on their strengths and work on their weaknesses.

360-degree assessments collect extensive feedback about an individual’s key work relationships. This helps individuals optimize strengths and gain insight into areas for development, helping develop a corporate team that collaborates easily even through uncertain times. This insight, combined with our personalized evaluation and coaching, gives individuals and organizations an option to improve their development and grow both personally and professionally.

Internal Career Management

Internal career management is vital to help retention rates, increase organizational effectiveness, and position your organization as an attractive employer. CPI provides scalable and customizable approaches that encourage and support internal career development programs. By addressing the career development needs of employees, organizations can help ensure their staff remains engaged and committed.

Leadership & Professional Coaching

Coaching is a critical component of any talent development strategy. Our scalable coaching solutions empower individuals at all levels within an organization to master the skills, behaviors, and competencies they need to navigate the professional challenges of today and the future.
Whether it’s high-potential employees, mid-level leaders, front-line managers, or entire teams, our coaching programs provide high-impact results. From emotional intelligence to team development, we address diverse organizational challenges, providing direct and measurable impacts on performance and engagement.

Developing Internal Talent

Talent is a strategic imperative and developing that talent is key to long-term success for organizations. At CPI, we bring our extensive knowledge and practical expertise to the fore, helping develop and grow your workforce from within.

Contact us today to discuss how our services can elevate your company’s leadership capabilities, foster organizational growth, and develop internal talent for sustained success.


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