CCI’s 2022 HR Insights Survey Report

A special report from CCI’s HR Insights Survey to help CHROs and C-Suite leaders navigate today’s complex and volatile world of work.

Research and Insights to Help Your Organization and People Thrive in the Future

In January and February of 2022, CCI surveyed over 200 HR and C-suite leaders of organizations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region ranging in industry and size. This special report brings together results from our survey combined with research from leading industry resources and CCI’s proprietary engagement survey data to provide a comprehensive look at the latest people-related challenges and priorities for employers. Download the report to learn critical discoveries and get best practices and strategies for how to move forward.

Here are just a few of the data points and discoveries you’ll see in the 2022 HR Insights Survey Report.

  • Only 2% of respondents say they are “very well prepared” to meet their business needs in 2022
  • “Attracting key talent” and “employee morale/engagement” were the top two challenges reported across all industries and company sizes
  • Over 70% of respondents have implemented salary increases and greater flexibility as part of their efforts to recruit and retain talent
  • Respondents reported “communication” and “leading change” as the top two critical skills lacking most in their organization

Download the report to gain an understanding of the current talent challenges your HR peers are facing and get actionable steps to elevate your organization’s workforce strategy.

CCI’s 2022 HR Insights Survey Report