CCI Consulting is a leading full-service Talent Management and HR Consulting firm based in Blue Bell, PA, serving clients of all sizes and industries across the Mid-Atlantic region.

When thinking about human resources, many companies tend to view it as unimportant, especially if their focus is on other business areas. However, people constantly find themselves getting into HR-related trouble when they have staffing issues, employees on leave, or need a position filled. Luckily, CCI Consulting is here to help any businesses in the Philadelphia area looking for HR consulting and other staffing services. Our expert staff of HR experts can help you solve whatever problem your company is faced with and provide you with the resources and staff you need to keep your business afloat. We know that hiring is one of the most critical decisions any company can make. We want to be there every step of the way to make your company’s HR operations as successful as possible.

What Makes CCI Consulting The Best HR Consultant?

You may be wondering: why use an HR consultant? CCI Consulting has worked with various companies to deliver the best possible talent recruitment and retention results for clients in Philadelphia. Whether you need a temporary position or a full-time consultant, our staff is here and ready to put their knowledge to work. Save yourself the time and stress of trying to juggle all HR-related responsibilities on your own and utilize CCI’s top-quality services. Regardless of the type of HR services you require, our consultants are ready to step into almost any HR job there is. Partnering with an HR consultant can benefit your company in several ways, including:

  • Interim Needs
    • Are you looking for a part-time position to be filled? We’ve got you covered with HR professionals ready to work.
  • HR Consulting
    • Hiring can be tricky, especially when you don’t have an HR department to do it for you. To ensure you hire the most qualified candidates for your company, take advantage of CCI’s expert consulting services. 
  • HR Setup
    • Need help setting up your HR needs and policies? We can get your company prepared and ready to roll.
  • Lead Projects
    • Whether it is a CEO search or a minor HR operation, our professionals at CCI are always ready to step in and put their wealth of knowledge to use!

Although it may seem unimportant, HR firms provide essential support to businesses when they need it most. HR experts can offer a great deal of new insight and resources for your company. Using them can help your company grow in much more significant ways. To view some of CCI’s past client projects and successes, visit this link to read more.

Why is CCI the Best HR Consultant?

If you are looking for the best expert HR professionals, contact CCI Consulting today to see how we can help you. At CCI, we work with businesses so that they can reach their full maximum potential. Our elite team of consultants provides a wide variety of services, from standard HR practice fill-ins to consulting to helping lead staff searches. No matter what your company needs, you can count on us to serve you in any HR-related areas your business requires! To learn more about what we do and our services, visit our website or call us today at 1-866-836-3032

Our Global Reach

CCI Consulting is a partner/owner of Career Partners International, LLC. With more than 300 locations around the world, Career Partners International assures that its clients have local experts with global reach in talent development, career management, executive coaching, outplacement and career transition services.