D.C. / Northern Virginia

CCI Consulting is a leading full-service Talent Management and HR Consulting firm based in Blue Bell, PA, serving clients of all sizes and industries across the Mid-Atlantic region.

As the premier Talent Management and HR Consulting Services firm in the DC and Northern Virginia area, CCI Consulting works with organizations across various industries and sizes to provide the type of HR partners that enable companies to not only meet their goals but exceed them. To know us is to appreciate us because we exist to be the extra support your company needs to be successful.

Our Vision

It is our company vision “To be the firm of choice for companies who want to put their people at the core of their strategy.” We believe that people are what make companies succeed. It is our goal to always put people first in every decision that is made. Over the years, we have come to learn that this is not only imperative to employee morale but also positively impacts company loyalty as well. People who feel “taken care of” are more likely to remain and grow with a company as opposed to looking elsewhere when they are ready for their next position.

Our Mission

Our mission is, “We believe people are the key to an organization’s competitive advantage. Our mission is to help organizations leverage the full potential of their people and navigate the ever-changing world of work.” We all know that change is inevitable, but when you have a continuous pulse on the capabilities of your employees and how they could be leveraged at any given moment, you have an advantage at navigating change as it occurs. Sharing the skills that a company believes to be special about their employees with their employees is a great way to create trust as you poise a team of employees to evolve with the company as it grows.

Trust is at The Core of Who We Are

Just as in life, what do you have if you don’t have trust, right? We make sure that every interaction between our team, our clients, and our community is done so with careful consideration so that trust is never in question. We believe that to cultivate trust, we must exhibit four key values: the importance of Relationships, Integrity in our work, Collaboration among colleagues and clients, and a commitment to our community. While we work in the HR space, we know that our actions impact every level and department of an organization and we take that job seriously.

Looking for HR Consulting Services in the DC & Northern Virginia Area?

Look no further than CCI Consulting the next time you’re searching for an HR consultant. The team at CCI Consulting has over 30 years of experience in working with organizations on securing talent and providing talent management and HR services that help people and organizations thrive.

Our Global Reach

CCI Consulting is a partner/owner of Career Partners International, LLC. With more than 300 locations around the world, Career Partners International assures that its clients have local experts with global reach in talent development, career management, executive coaching, outplacement and career transition services.