CCI Consulting is a leading full-service Talent Management and HR Consulting firm based in Blue Bell, PA, serving clients of all sizes and industries across the Mid-Atlantic region.

The people who make up your company are arguably the most critical factor for your company’s success. Often, people forget why talent acquisition is an integral part of the success of a company. Luckily, CCI Consulting is here to help with any talent acquisition questions and concerns that may arise. If your company does not have a specific talent acquisition management team or strategy, it may be hard to get started. At CCI Consulting, we offer integrated talent solutions so that we can help your company reach its full potential. We want to be there for you every step of the way in aiding your HR and talent acquisition management. By hiring us, you can let us use our expert knowledge so that your company can thrive.

CCI’s Unique Strategies and Why Talent Acquisition Is Important To The Success of a Company

At CCI, we utilize our unique blend of integrated talent solutions to help clients find solutions and strategies to manage their talent acquisition and HR services. Our expert consultants will help your company find solutions that will allow you to properly manage, support, hire, and retain staff in ways you never thought possible. Additionally, clients often find our solutions enable their company to grow in ways they could never have imagined. We utilize four core values in every aspect of what we do so that your company’s HR and talent operations can be the best they can possibly be. Our core values of relationships, commitment, integrity, and collaboration are embedded into every aspect of what we do. Our skills span far and wide, and we can assist your company with all of the following office operations:

  • Compensation and Benefits
  • HR Compliance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Interim HR Staffing
  • Performance Management

The employees of your business are the most crucial part of your company’s success. If you do not have happy employees, then you will not have a successful business. Let us help you determine the best solutions to continually recruit the best and retain them for years.

We are proud to serve the Wilmington area and beyond in any HR operations and needs you may find yourself in. Whether you are in need of a part-time HR professional, HR department setup, talent acquisition, and so much more, our consultants at CCI are here and ready to serve you with their expertise.

Where Can I Find The Best Local Talent Acquisition Specialists In The Wilmington Area?

At CCI Consulting, we offer the most effective integrated talent solutions so that you can recruit and retain the best talent. Whether you need general consulting, professionals in the HR department, or our expert consultants for project assistance, we are here to help with any and all HR needs you may have. We understand that HR can feel like an unimportant side task, especially if it is not your company’s primary focus. If you ever find yourself in need of any HR project or service, hire your local experts at CCI Consulting, serving the Wilmington area and beyond. To learn more about what we do and our services, visit our website or call us today at 1-800-214-753.

Our Global Reach

CCI Consulting is a partner/owner of Career Partners International, LLC. With more than 300 locations around the world, Career Partners International assures that its clients have local experts with global reach in talent development, career management, executive coaching, outplacement and career transition services.