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CCI Consulting is a leading full-service Talent Management and HR Consulting firm based in Blue Bell, PA, serving clients of all sizes and industries across the Mid-Atlantic region.

What Are Executive Coaching Services? 

As work environments and strategies are constantly changing, leaders have to learn and adapt quickly. One way for leaders to successfully develop these new talent strategies is through executive coaching services. CCI Consulting serves the greater Harrisburg area with professional coaching services. Our programs are designed and tailored to the unique needs of different leaders at all different levels. 

Why Do Leaders Hire Executive Coaches? 

The Covid-19 pandemic determined the effectiveness of executive coaching through video chats, remote work, and enhancing the mental health, enthusiasm, and engagement of leaders through these challenging times. Even now, many leaders are still opting to hire executive coaches for their organization, but why? What are the top reasons that leaders are choosing to undergo professional leaders coaching, and how can they benefit from these sessions?

The first reason is that leaders are tired. When working with an executive coach, leaders can explore and determine what causes their feelings of exhaustion on a deeper level. Together, they can conduct a plan to get the leader back to being more enthusiastic and feeling better. Another reason for executive coaching is that the leader is overwhelmed. While everyone is seeking support from the boss, who are they expected to turn to? With all the expectations expected from them, many leaders find themselves needing an executive coach to help them reclaim their confidence and decision-making skills.

Additionally, leaders may need to readjust their strategies as they are unclear about the organization’s opportunities and threats. This can help strengthen a leader as their coach is challenging them. Leaders may be searching to create a more effective work culture or they need to build up the confidence to communicate key messages clearly to their employees. With that being said, many leaders find themselves seeking assistance from a coach when their organization is about to undergo a major structural change. This can be seen as “bad news” and must be delivered in a way that keeps employees remaining positive and productive. Some other common reasons include a leader being told they are difficult to work with, want to reflect on the future of their career and organization, and want to reevaluate their leadership skills. 

What Happens After Hiring an Executive Coach? 

Professional leaders coaching can be seen as an unbiased, ethical partner. They create a safe space where leaders can be vulnerable, authentic, and creative to better themselves for the organization and their future success as a leader. When a leader undergoes executive coaching sessions, they are actually embedding these coaching skills into their future leadership skills. Overall, leaders can greatly benefit and learn from a coach.

Why Choose CCI Consulting As Your Executive Coaching Service? 

If you are in the greater Harrisburg area and are ready to start maximizing the potential and performance of your leaders, then it is time to call the professionals at CCI Consulting. Our common coaching areas include everything from high potentials, emotional intelligence, expanding role, executive presence, performance, new leaders, team development, millennial coaching, women executives, and more! Contact CCI Consulting today to learn how you can scale coaching across all aspects of your organization.

Our Global Reach

CCI Consulting is a partner/owner of Career Partners International, LLC. With more than 300 locations around the world, Career Partners International assures that its clients have local experts with global reach in talent development, career management, executive coaching, outplacement and career transition services.