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Pre-Hire Assessments 

Pre-hire assessments or pre-hire testing is the action of providing tests or questionnaires to prospective job candidates to complete. The exams include many aspects such as cognitive ability, critical thinking skills, personality, preferences and motivation. The use of hiring assessment tests are on the rise. There has been up to a 20% increase in conducting these tests during the job opening process. 

An employee assessment test can be performed at various stages of the interview process depending on the needs of your Lehigh Valley business. There can be multiple tests issues all at once, or one at a time. The most common stages of an employee assessments test are usually after the first or second phone screen and before the first on-site, after the first on-site and before the second, after the second on-site and before the offer, during the first or second on-site, or during the offer phase. While these are just some of the most common periods of testing, assessments can be conducted whenever your organization finds it necessary. 

What Can Pre-Hire Assessments Show?

With pre-hire testing becoming popular, many Lehigh Valley companies find themselves asking “Why should we use it?” First of all, pre-hire assessments help you find the best candidate, not the best interviewer. It helps the interviewer look past the first impressions of the candidate and their qualifications on the ideal checklist, and look more deeply into who they are through applicable skills and greater personality traits. The features most commonly tested include everything from strategic thinking and confidence to productivity and risk-taking to so much more. 

Competency Frameworks

Competency frameworks are designed to increase clarity around performance expectations. They create a distinguished link between individual and organizational performance goals. Competency frameworks are developed and implemented while taking into account the need of balance and flexibility within the company. They consist of mostly behavioral elements and support talent strategy. These frameworks help organizations in the areas of recruitment, talent development, and performance management. They must reflect the needs of both the organization and the roles of the employees including skills, experience, and behaviors. Overall, competency frameworks take into account the job, personal specifics, and the organization’s medium and long-term needs for talent while reflecting on their beliefs and values. 

What Can Competency Frameworks Show? 

While competency frameworks are developed to support the organization’s vision, they can include different types of frameworks. Frameworks need to be conscious as if they are too broad, they will fail to provide employees with guidance. Most employer competency frameworks include: 

  • Core Competencies: Supports the organization’s values and mission, applies to all job roles
  • Common Competencies: Specific to certain job roles
  • Technical or Job Specific Competencies: Applies to certain “job-family” or “job function”
  • Leadership Competencies: Skills and behaviors that affect leadership performance
  • ‘Meta’ Competencies: Involves recruitment of high-potential individuals that the organization would like to promote or develop

Why Choose CCI Consulting? 

If you are in the greater Lehigh Valley area and find yourself searching for pre-hire assessments and competency frameworks services, look no further than CCI Consulting. We offer a wide variety of pre-hire assessments and testing as well as competency models and frameworks to help you grow your company. Drive your team and company forward with CCI Consulting’s pre-hire assessments and competency frameworks services! Contact us today to get started.

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