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Workplace culture is something that evolves and changes over time and it is certainly a hot topic in today’s workplace. In an ever-changing environment, we do know that it is the people, practices, and values that an organization is built on that oftentimes have the greatest impact on overall culture. If a culture change is needed, it can be challenging, but with specialists in the field helping your company along, positive culture change is attainable.  

There are a few tactics that we employ for our clients in the Maryland area that have helped companies of all sizes improve culture in the workplace. We focus on the following three tactics: 

  1. Make Culture and Diversity Training a Regular Process: Many companies do diversity and inclusion training once or twice a year. From experience, we know that this type of training is best when it is embedded in the company’s culture as something that the entire organization participates in on a semi-regular basis. In today’s workplace, we know that diversity in the workplace is not only good for business because of the various viewpoints that different people have, but it’s also important to the employees themselves. Diversity in an organization can be the difference between a well-qualified employee that chooses to work for your company or not. 
  2. Develop and Implement Employee Engagement Surveys: There’s no better way to get an understanding of the pulse of how your employees are feeling than to ask them to fill out a carefully curated survey that will expose how they feel about everything from their work to management and current state of the culture in the organization. These surveys should not only be done throughout the year but their findings should be openly discussed so that employees can see real change that is made based on survey results.   
  3. Manage Organizational Change: Managing organizational change in the workplace is critically important to employee morale, customer service, and overall employee production. We all know that change is inevitable, but how it’s managed takes experience to ensure employees feel confident that they will be just as, if not more successful in their positions once the change is implemented. 

The Benefits of Hiring an HR Consulting Services Firm

When you hire a firm that specializes in matters that relate to workplace culture, you acquire a fresh set of eyes on your current culture that only an outside perspective can bring. It also takes specialized skills to identify areas of growth and opportunity. The team at CCI Consulting has experience in assessing what needs to be done in an organization to improve culture in the workplace and then build a personalized plan to bring a company’s goals to fruition.

Trust the Team at CCI Consulting

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Our Global Reach

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