The Resilient Leader: Skills for Addressing Disruption

Accelerate and adapt to new ways of leading with strategies to thrive and support your organization

The relationship leaders and managers have with their staff has never been more important.

The Resilient Leader Virtual Workshop Series - CCI Consulting When it comes to returning to the workplace, leaders will play a critical role in creating calm and clarity, and helping their people manage through the transition.

Master the Leadership Skills to Thrive and Support Your Team

Through CCI’s The Resilient Leader three-part workshop series, leaders gain the strategies, perspectives, and tools needed to lead their people through and beyond the transition back to the office. In three expert-led, two-hour workshops that can be delivered virtually or in-person and scheduled at your convenience, The Resilient Leader will help participants master the skills they need to:
  • Help their teams return to the office while staying focused on business outcomes
  • Maintain leadership focus amid complexity and ambiguity
  • Be ready for the next disruption

Workshop Sessions:

Session 1 | ReEmergence: Being the Leader that Your Employees Need
Organizations are preparing for the return to the office by considering new schedules and how to implement social distancing guidelines. Just as important, however, organizational leaders, managers, and supervisors need to consider the needs of their employees, recognizing that everyone has experienced the pandemic differently: some were sickened, some lost loved ones, and many are still concerned with their health and the safety of their families. Based on what people are experiencing and hearing about in the news, there is a heightened level of suspicion and an erosion of trust. Creating an atmosphere of respect, genuineness, and understanding is crucial to helping your staff transition back into the office while remaining focused on getting their work done. As a result of attending this virtual workshop session, participants will:
  • Be more effective leaders by being prepared to address the needs of your staff
  • Courageously support your staff while maintaining focus on business outcomes
  • Create a more engaged and dedicated team by making your staff feel respected and valued by utilizing coaching skills
Session 2 | Tenacity: Maintaining Leadership Focus
In today’s complex environment, business is interconnected, interdependent, and nonlinear. Our worth as a leader isn’t measured when things are going well, it’s when we are faced with uncertainty brought on by difficult conditions. Regardless of the disruption, the most successful organizations have leaders and managers that can navigate through the unpredictability and guide their teams through the uncertainty. This workshop will enable you to gain perspective to focus on the things that matter most to your success. As a result of attending this virtual workshop session, participants will:
  • Gain insight into how to identify and reduce the impact of workplace volatility and uncertainty
  • Create strategies for cutting through complexity and ambiguity
  • Instill confidence in your employees, motivate them, and maintain engagement
  • Discover techniques being employed by others that may help you
Session 3 | The New Leader Reality: Being Ready for the Next Disruption
Most organizations tend to place their energy and resources around mitigation strategies that only pose a high impact and high probability of occurring. However, if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we cannot be complacent and wait for the next crisis to dictate our response. Change preparedness has quickly become more important than change management. Anticipating potential risks and creating contingency plans are now standard expectations for organizational leaders. In this virtual workshop, you will use approaches and techniques for identifying risks, tools for decision making, and creating a mitigation playbook. As a result of attending this virtual workshop session, participants will:
  • Use techniques for identifying and categorizing risks to proactively reduce workplace uncertainty
  • Use decision making tools for determining and influencing recommendations
  • Steps for creating a planning playbook for addressing disruption

Meet the Facilitator:

Mark Saddic - Director of Learning and Organizational Effectiveness Mark Saddic, Director of Learning and Organizational Effectiveness As Director of Learning and Organizational Effectiveness in CCI’s Talent Development Practice, Mark brings over 20 years of corporate experience as a recognized leader in learning & development with specializations in adult learning strategies and marketing. Mark works with companies to improve individual and team performance by creating organizational development and training solutions that maintain a line of sight to broader business goals.