What’s Keeping Your Employees From Being Engaged?

The engagement level of an organization’s employees directly impacts important business outcomes such as profit and retention. Results from CCI Consulting’s Global Employee Engagement surveys revealed three common issues across industry, function and geography that are keeping employees from going the extra mile at work: recognition, growth, and management.

Feedback shows that many employees do not feel they receive the appropriate recognition for their good performance. They are not effectively recognized or rewarded in ways that motivate them to continue to perform well.

Working towards a clear career growth plan is desirable to many employees. However, most do not have a clear path for advancement and feel a of lack of support from management when they expressed an interest in promotional opportunities.

This lack of support ties into the fact that most employees feel that the management is not “in touch” with the needs and expectations of employees, causing a disconnect that leaves employees with a lack of trust in management.