C-Suite Executive Coaching


Lynn was the CEO of a $250 million dollar global pruning organization and was taking on too much of the management burden for her direct reports. Unable to delegate effectively, inspire a vision, and manage strategically, Lynn became absorbed in transactional details that left her unprepared to focus on strategic leadership. Board pressures and falling employee engagement scores led her to seek a coach to help her refocus her efforts and adopt a different approach.


The CCI coach helped Lynn define how she wanted to show up as a leader. Lynn’s coach worked with her to clarify her needs, establish clearer expectations with direct reports and drive process quality accountability down through the chain of command. Lynn’s coach helped her zero in on three distinct things she could do to elevate her own leadership and drive the process needed to achieve strategic timelines. Her action plan focused on driving real change and sustained improvement.


Key players were tasked with specific project and operations management responsibilities. Lynn’s communication style became clearer and more inspiring, helping her to create better alignment and clarity of expectations with her direct reports. More time was gained for executive leadership training and driving the vision for the business. Employee satisfaction and engagement scores improved by 20%.