Emerging Leader Coaching


Greg was considered a rising star talent and was identified in the succession plan as having the potential to grow into a corporate wide leadership role. The CEO saw Greg as a high-potential leader and wanted to provide coaching for Greg to ready him for future growth and expanded responsibility. CCI Consulting had previously provided executive coaching for the CEO, so he asked CCI to coach Greg in an effort to expedite his development.


The coaching engagement began with a series of exploratory conversations and assessments to help Greg identify his behavioral style, personality profile, and leadership attributes. CCI helped Greg to define his critical development activities and develop an action plan. The action plan led Greg to apply new management and communication approaches to his particular challenges around people, process and accountability, as well as identify and engage with key sponsors and mentors throughout the organization.


Greg learned the importance of leveraging his strengths to assert in more direct and timely ways. Feedback and input from key sponsors and mentors helped Greg learn how best to deal with delicate yet important business needs. Greg became confident in how to plan strategically and communicate and engage his team in ways that motivated them to step up, increasing their collective impact. Shortly after the coaching engagement, Greg was promoted and took over as COO within 2 ½ years.