Employee Compliance


A leading crane manufacturer experienced significant growth over the years and realized the need to conduct formal anti-harassment trainings at all of their sites across two states. Without ever having a formal HR department, the client was faced with various management approaches to any reports of harassment. Employees and managers were not receiving proper anti-harassment training on an annual basis and were lacking the proper knowledge to handle and report incidents.


HR Consultants partnered with the client to deliver on-site anti-harassment trainings at all client sites. The training sessions were interactive and provided the opportunity for dialogue and Q&A. Employees who were unable to attend an on-site training session received a digital presentation. Attendees were required to sign an acknowledgement of having received and fully understand the polices and information presented. All acknowledgement forms were placed into employee files.


Potential harassment claims, which can go into the millions of dollars, were reduced. The organization transitioned into a more respectful workplace and implemented a formal complaint process. Employees were comfortable and able to come forward with more harassment issues with confidence in management to handle the situation effectively. Employees and managers became aware of proper record keeping and the process to follow when handling such incidents.