Employee Engagement Survey


A large regional energy company had acquired several new businesses over the past several years. Integration of these acquisitions was proving difficult due to legacy of significant cultural differences within and across the businesses. Client was looking for feedback that would help them better understand the experiences and perspectives of employees across the geography and function. This feedback would be used to help address issues and enhance the effectiveness of business integration.


CCI conducted an employee engagement survey that collected individually anonymous feedback from a population of 1,200 employees across four businesses. The engagement survey was administered online and also featured a pen and paper option to accommodate certain employee groups. The client was provided with data analytics and access to an online data reporting tool that allowed them to drill into data across a variety of demographic factors.


Using the survey data analytics tool, the client was able to gain insight into the different perspectives and experiences based on tenure, location, function, etc. These insights were used by leaders at all levels of the organization to formulate actions designed to leverage best practices and address the areas of most significant concern. As a result of the survey and the action planning that followed, the client was able to make significant strides in more fully and effectively integrating the previously disparate businesses.