Team Alignment and Development


A major company was going through a period of difficult reorganization spearheaded by a cross-functional team. Team members were unable to break out of their silos and think at the enterprise level. Complex problems could not be solved and team members were often stalled in the decision making process. Actions from team members were uncoordinated and often at cross purposes with the greater good of the company.


CCI designed a customized course with a series of interactive sessions to improve essential leadership skills and connect them to real business situations and company operations. Teaching resilience became an integral part of each course session. Each team member was provided with weekly one-on-one coaching from a course facilitator, to help them understand how to apply the course content to the specific issues they were facing.


For the first time, team members acted in a unified and directed manner. Every member of the team was engaged in a meaningful way and had learned to think outside his or her own comfort zone. Participants gained useful leadership and resiliency tools and were able to successfully apply both to their work on the team. The COO described the course as a key reason for the team’s nearly flawless migration of records in its second year, as compared to the chaos in its first year.