On-Site Human Resources


A three-generation family-owned manufacturer with over 100 employees (mostly non-exempt, factory workers) lacked an experienced HR presence in the company. As a result they faced issues with HR compliance, HR processes and employee morale. HR-related responsibilities were being shared amongst Senior Management and employees were unaware of who to communicate their issues to and felt their voices weren’t being heard. The manufacturer was facing problems with employee retention, improper handling of leaves and disabilities, and employee performance.


CCI placed an experienced HR Consultant on-site for two days per week. Their time was dedicated to multiple locations within one state. Accessible and remote HR support was also made available to the employees, including those in another state. Communication to all staff was key. The on-site HR Consultant dedicated time to implementing and improving HR practices and processes, providing responses to employee relations issues, and partnering with Senior Management and staff on day-to-day HR needs.


After learning how to utilize Human Resources, employees felt their voices were being heard and were motivated to provide feedback. Employees formed a Continuous Improvement/Safety Committee to handle factory safety standards, reducing the potential for OSHA fines, which can be as high as $125,000 per incident. Senior Management was able to collaborate and partner with the Human Resources professional on sensitive matters to mitigate potential risks of fines and become more confident with hard decisions.